The Smile You Want from Invisalign

September 11, 2015

Having a beautiful smile is about more than looking your best. It’s about feeling your best, too. Did you know that the health of your smile can also affect the health of your body? So while you are on the search for a more beautiful smile, consider how your health might be improved as well.

Many patients who come into our Winnipeg dentist office are surprised to learn that their teeth play such an important role! This is especially true when you are thinking about the alignment of your teeth. Teeth that are misaligned lead to other problems!

Don’t worry! This doesn’t mean that you are going to be stuck wearing traditional metal braces for the next few years. With solutions like Invisalign, you can have a fantastic experience that results in an even greater smile!

Could Straighter Teeth Benefit You?

Maybe you’ve been living with your crooked teeth for most of your life, and you are wondering: could straightening my teeth really benefit me? Of course it can! Take a look below to see three of the ways orthodontics will improve your life.

More Confident Smile – Who doesn’t want a more confident smile? Feeling able to smile freely is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. If it means straightening your smile, we are here to help!

Healthier Jaw – Misaligned teeth can cause stress on your jaw joints. By straightening your teeth, you will relieve that pressure and protect yourself from long term joint pain.

Healthier Teeth – Teeth that are crowded, overlapped, or crooked are more difficult to keep clean. Straighten your teeth to protect yourself from decay and gum disease.

Worried About Wearing Metal Braces?

Straightening your teeth means wearing braces. There’s no way around that, but just because we are asking you to wear braces does not mean we will ask you to wear traditional metal braces. We don’t blame you for wanting to protect yourself from ridicule, which metal braces will most likely bring your way.

You don’t have to be a tinsel teeth, metal mouth, or brace face because Invisalign is available!

Try Invisalign!

Invisalign clear aligners make the difference for you. There’s no embarrassing treatment, no attention being drawn to your smile, and no need to hide your grin whenever someone wants to snap a picture. Take a look below for more advantages of Invisalign.

Clear Aligners – Invisalign is made up of a series of plastic aligners that carefully push your teeth into the correct position. The aligners are completely clear so that whenever someone looks at your smile, they see your smile and not a bunch of brackets and wires!

Comfortable to Wear – Those metal brackets and wires are more than embarrassing, they are also uncomfortable. Your gums, lips, and tongue are often the victims of this discomfort. You can either cover your set of braces with wax, or you can look for a more comfortable option: Invisalign.

Easy to Care For – Have you ever seen someone trying to clean their braces after a meal? The picks, floss, and brushes they have to use after each meal is overwhelming. Your Invisalign aligners will come out of your mouth while you eat, and you can gently brush them each morning and evening while you brush and floss your teeth!

Learn More at a Consultation!

Are you ready to consider an improved smile? Contact one of our offices today to set up an appointment with one of our amazing doctors. We can’t wait to help you have the improved smile of your dreams!


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