Teeth Contouring / Crown Lengthening

Unlock Your Dream Smile!

Do you have a gummy smile? When you grin, do people see more pink than white? If you’re suffering from this condition, smiling can be potentially embarrassing, leaving you in an awkward position when it comes to social situations. You may have considered gum reshaping surgery in the past, but that involved the use of scalpels, long healing times, and potential complications that made you less than willing to undergo the procedure.

With today’s technology, Avant Dental is proud to be able to offer you gum reshaping and crown lengthening procedure without the need for a single cut! We have high-tech lasers that instantly vaporize soft tissue, sealing the remaining portions of your gums. This prevents bleeding, shortens healing times, and eliminates the need for stitches and the chance of infection!

We are also proud to offer teeth recontouring, which uses specially made files to smooth the surfaces of your teeth and remove bumps and stains. This procedure is quick and easy, and creates immediate results!

Reshaping Your Gums and Perfecting Your Teeth

If you’ve always wanted to have your gums reshaped, we’ll start treatment with a comprehensive exam. We need to assess your oral health in order to make sure your teeth are long and healthy enough to provide good results.

If we discover that you need any treatment outside of your reshaping, recontouring, or dental crown lengthening, we’ll discuss your options then. Any additional procedures can be scheduled ahead of your gum reshaping.

The procedures for gum reshaping and teeth recontouring are both relatively pain-free. We will locally anaesthestize the area to be reshaped, and once you are comfortable, we will continue with your procedure. If you are still nervous about your treatment, we can work with you to provide sedation or other anxiety relief treatments that you want – we want you to feel comfortable with your care!

Gum Reshaping and Crown Lengthening

Both of these procedures involve the removal and reshaping of your gum tissue, which is done with our soft-tissue lasers. Once you are comfortable and your gums are numb, we will go to work, all without a single incision!

After your treatment is complete, you’ll have a few restrictions in place to make sure healing goes smoothly.

  • Eat liquid foods for at least the first two days after your procedure.
  • Don’t drink through a straw during your recovery. The suction can damage your tender gums!
  • Don’t brush your teeth until we give you the okay. In the meantime, you can use an antimicrobial mouthwash to ensure your gums stay clean and heal well.
  • Don’t smoke while your gums are healing. This can cause secondary infection and damage healthy tissue, as well as harm your gums from suction.
  • Don’t be concerned about slight bleeding, sensitivity, or a bit of swelling – it will be gone before you know it!

Gum Recession Treatment

During the course of treatment for gum disease, you may want to have your gums grafted to restore their original length. We are able to offer this treatment with the assistance of a specialist, whom we will coordinate with to ensure you get your healthy, happy smile back!

You don’t need to be embarrassed about your smile any longer! We can treat it easier than had ever been possible in the past, and all it takes to start the journey toward the smile you’ve always wanted is a call to one of our two Winnipeg area offices! You can also schedule an appointment for teeth recontouring and crown lengthening using our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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