Root Canals in Winnipeg

Getting to the Root of the Myths

Root canals have been around for a long time, and chances are someone you know has had one. Perhaps they even told you how painful the procedure was, and how miserable they were as a result of it. At Avant Dental, we want to dispel the myths surrounding root canals. They are an important procedure when needed, and we don’t want our patients to be frightened of this pain-relieving and tooth-saving procedure!

What Is a Root Canal?

What is a root canal? When the enamel on your teeth is eaten away by plaque acids, the vulnerable tissue on the inside of your teeth begins to decay. As this process continues, decay can eventually reach the dental pulp, the soft tissue at the center of your teeth. The dental pulp carries blood to your tooth and keeps it healthy, but when it becomes infected, your tooth is at significant risk!

You may experience a toothache, swollen gums, constant pain, and other signs of infection. It is for this reason that a root canal is performed: to remove infected tissue and eliminate your pain and discomfort!

A root canal is performed under anaesthesia, so you won’t feel anything during the procedure. We’ll remove any infected portions of your teeth and then use ultra-fine tools to reach inside your tooth and remove the infected pulp.

Once we’ve finished, we’ll reduce the size of your tooth so that it can be placed under a crown. This will further protect it from reinfection and give you a strong, stable restoration to do the work of your damaged tooth. If you have your root canal done at our Winnipeg Square location, we can even make your crown in just about an hour using our CEREC machine!

Dispelling the Myths

Of all the myths surrounding root canal treatment, the most prominent one is that they are incredibly painful! This is the opposite of true, however! Root canals are performed to remove infection and pain, and while you may feel sensitive afterward, you’ll feel much better than you did before!

Root canals also have the reputation of increasing the risk of other illnesses, like infection, heart disease, and any number of other illnesses. While this may have been a risk in the past prior to proper sterilization and cleanliness, we take great care to ensure your procedure is done cleanly and with sterilization and bacteria elimination as priority #1! Rumors even circulate that almost 100 percent of cancer patients have had root canals during their lives, which just isn’t true!

It’s also been said that you’re better off pulling a tooth rather than having a root canal. In extreme cases of decay this may be true, but in general, saving a tooth is always the best thing for your mouth! A lost tooth can lead to eventual degradation of your jawbone, which can then lead to a domino effect of lost teeth!

Root canal procedure is often avoidable, especially with good preventive care. If you’re in pain and believe that you may have an abscessed tooth, don’t delay a call to our office one more minute! You can reach any of our four Winnipeg area locations by phone, or you can schedule an appointment using our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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