Relieving Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety? Don’t Let Fear Ruin Your Teeth!

Scared about dental care? You’re not alone! There are countless patients who are positively petrified by the prospect of going to the dentist. Each year, millions of people around the world delay or ignore their need for dental care, leading to worsening symptoms, more complicated problems, and more expensive treatments. At Avant Dental, we’ve made it our mission to treat anxious and dental-phobic patients – you don’t have anything to fear with us!

All four of our offices are designed to be as relaxing and non-clinical as possible. Dentistry is stressful enough without feeling like you’re in an operating room! We’ve always wanted a place where dental phobia and anxiety patients can feel at ease, and we think you’ll love it here!

Understanding Your Care To Eliminate Fear

For many patients, the fear of dental care can be boiled down to the fact that they don’t understand it. Sitting in the chair and staring into a bright light while someone sticks things in your mouth can be pretty stressful, especially when you don’t know what to expect or when or why!

We want you to be an active part of your dental care, so everything we do will be a collaborative effort between you and your dentist. You’ll meet to discuss any suggested treatments and firmly establish your desired outcomes for your dental experience.

We make explaining every piece of your care a fundamental part of our practice. We’ll never begin a procedure until you’re comfortable in your understanding of it, and we’re glad to continue telling you what’s happening as we work. This can go a long way to alleviating fear!

Our Staff

We’ve picked a staff that excels in the things that make our patients feel comfortable. They’re compassionate, understanding, non-judgemental, and truly care about what you’re going through. When you’re starting to feel on edge about your care, a calm, friendly face can be the difference between panic and relaxation!

We’ll never make you feel as if you’re acting unreasonably, and we’ll always make accommodations for your worries and fears. We all share the goal of providing you with great dental care that will motivate you to keep your mouth healthy for life!

Sedation Options

For some patients, there isn’t any getting over the intense fear they have of the dentist. In these cases, we recommend oral conscious sedation, which is available at each of our practices. Oral conscious sedation is a pill that you take shortly before your appointment, and by the time you arrive for your procedure, you’ll feel calm and relaxed. Some of our patients even fall asleep in the chair!

Because oral conscious sedation will make you quite drowsy, we will require you to bring a friend or family member who is able to drive you home after the procedure.

Anxiety is a real part of dental care, and we understand it completely. We’ll always do everything we can to make your care a stress-free and positive experience. If you’re ready to give our no-anxiety approach to sedation dentistry a try, don’t wait – call one of our four Winnipeg area offices today! You can also schedule an appointment using our online form. We can’t wait to see you!


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