Dentures in Winnipeg

You Can Love Your Dentures!

Are you suffering from the loss of teeth and don’t know where to turn? Have your dentures started becoming a hassle, slipping and falling out at the worst moments? Are you worried you might need dentures but want to find an alternative to creams, pastes, and gum irritation? At Avant Dental, we can offer you everything from standard dentures to advanced implant assisted options! No matter what your needs are, we can help you find a great solution that comfortable and fits your budget.

Dentures have been a standard solution for teeth loss for centuries. In that time, massive leaps in technology have been accomplished, leading us to a modern age of great-fitting dentures that look incredibly lifelike! You’re sure to find a great fit with us!

Standard Dentures, Full and Partial

Traditional full mouth dentures are held in place using suction created by placing them in your mouth. When you come for an appointment at arcsfl any of our four locations, we’ll first discuss the removal of any remaining teeth that will obstruct your dentures. After extraction and healing, we’ll take an impression of your mouth. A final fitting appointment will be necessary, and we’ll use that time to adjust the fit so that it’s perfect.

Partials are for patients who have lost several teeth but still have a considerable amount of healthy ones remaining. They are held in place by metal clasps that fit around your healthy teeth and are constructed of a mix of dental composite plastics and metal framing. The procedure for getting a pair of these is similar to a full mouth set and involves impressions and a bit of a wait for your new set to be constructed.

While you’re waiting for your permanent dentures, we’ll fit you with a temporary set so that you can start eating your favourite foods right away!

Implant-Supported and Implant-Retained Dentures

If you’ve worn dentures in Winnipeg, then you’re familiar with the traditional methods of keeping them in place: creams, pastes, and adhesives that may not taste or work the best. If you want them to stay in place reliably without the need for additional products, you should consider dental implants! At Avant Dental, we offer two different systems to attach your dentures to implants, both of which will give you an amazing amount of stability and support that you can’t get with traditional dentures!

Using a series of dental implants, we’ll modify your dentures to snap firmly in place and stay put until you take them out in the evening! The implants placed in your mouth will use one of two systems to attach to your dentures: a bar and clasp, or a ball and socket.

Implant-retained dentures use a ball-and-socket system. Your implants are topped with metal balls, and your dentures are modified to include sockets that snap firmly onto your implants. They’ll stay in place all day long, and you’ll be eating what you love before you know it!

Implant-supported dentures use a bar and clasp. Your implants are finished with a metal bar that runs across all of them, and your dentures are fitted with a series of metal clasps that clip firmly onto a groove that runs the length of the bar.

If tooth loss is leaving you nervous about the future of your ability to eat and smile, don’t let life make the decision for you – call any of our four Winnipeg area offices to schedule an appointment! You can also schedule an appointment using our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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