Payment Options


We maintain an optimal care dental practice and are committed to providing solutions tailored to your needs. Our financial options are designed with flexibility to help make the best dental treatment affordable. In all cases, you (not your insurance company) are ultimately responsible to ensure fees are paid.


All patients in our office arrange finances prior to any treatment. Many Insurance plans do not allow you to assign payment. If you have a non-assignable plan we require full payment to our office on the day of service and you will be reimbursed directly.


83% of our patients choose to pay in full for their treatment at each visit. If you have a benefit plan, you will be reimbursed directly, usually within just a few days.

When you pay in full we reduce your fee by 5%.

As a courtesy we can accept direct payment from SOME insurance companies. The estimated portion not covered by insurance is paid at each visit. Please note that a credit card is required on file to process any claims not paid by insurance within 30 days.


Investing in quality dentistry is a good decision that will pay dividends in the form of quality of life for may years to come. We have arranged financing options for many of our patients to help with the costs. Depending on the level of assistance required this can be arranged in office or with highly reputable third party companies that specialize in health care.

We have partnered with Crelogix to offer you affordable monthly payment options. Crelogix allows you to get the dental work that you need without paying for it all upfront.

You can quickly apply and repay the balance in instalments or  lump-sum payments without penalty

To get started with an application, just fill in the form below: