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Types of Braces Winnipeg

Modern orthodontics now offers several options to help you get your dream smile. If you have any questions about the options below, we’d love to answer them. Just call 204-809-4188 to book your free consultation now. If you’re interested in Invisalign, click the button below to get a voucher for a free consultation and $500 off: Traditional/Metal Braces … Types of Braces Winnipeg

Winnipeg Clear Braces

Thinking about straightening your teeth and getting your dream smile? You might have heard about an alternative to traditional wire braces known as clear braces. Today we’ll explain what clear braces are, who they’re for, how much they cost, and how you can get them. What Are Clear Braces? Clear braces are a method of … Winnipeg Clear Braces

The Long Road to Modern Dentistry

It’s hard to appreciate the modern dental techniques we use today without looking at the past. The modern era of dentistry allows us to complete procedure faster, easier, and with less pain. You’ve probably heard that time and time again. It’s easy for us to say this, but today we want to give you three … The Long Road to Modern Dentistry

Take This 5-Minute Smile Quiz

How much do you know about your teeth and gums? And how do you feel about the state of your mouth? That’s what we try to figure out every day. We work with patients to restore their teeth, but we also want to know how you feel about your smile. Today we have a special … Take This 5-Minute Smile Quiz

Your Guide to Invisalign INFOGRAPHIC

Crooked teeth, gapped teeth, and general alignment problems don’t have to be addressed with braces. There is a versatile tool that allows us to straighten your teeth gradually and with minimal discomfort: Invisalign. See the facts about Invisalign for yourself. If you want to schedule a visitation to discuss on Invisalign can improve your smile, … Your Guide to Invisalign INFOGRAPHIC

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