Important Things to Know About Dental Cleanings

June 13, 2016

Do you really need to visit the dentist if you brush and floss your teeth everyday? Yes! No matter what you do, plaque and other bacteria build up on your teeth. Plaque bacteria is...


The Scary Stages of Gum Disease

June 7, 2016

What’s the biggest threat to your smile? If you’re a boxer, the biggest threat may be a left hook to the face. If you play hockey, the biggest threats may be an errant puck...


Root Canals vs. Dental Extractions: Which is Healthier?

June 5, 2016

An infected tooth is one of the most painful things you can experience. It can start with a minor toothache that changes from a minor annoyance into a major pain. Before you know it,...


An Option of Last Resort: Painlessly Extracting a Tooth

June 3, 2016

Have you been told that you need to have a tooth extracted? Or do you have a tooth that’s causing you pain? The thought of having a tooth removed can be extremely intimidating. But...


An Animated Guide to Dental Implants

June 1, 2016

At Avant Dental Care, we’re proud to offer several types of dental implants at two locations in the Greater Winnipeg area. A dental implant procedure can restore both the form and function of your...


Do You Know Your Risk for Sleep Apnea? [Quiz]

May 27, 2016

Sleep apnea can cause you to snore loudly and frequently, disrupting your sleep and the sleep of everyone around you. In addition, sleep apnea can major complications for your health. Avant Dental Care offers...


4 Reasons We Recommend Dental Implants to Our Patients

May 22, 2016

Are you living life with missing teeth? Or suffering through your daily grind in a pair of dentures? Neither scenario is all that much fun. But Avant Dental Care offers dental implant procedures at...


Crooked Teeth Can Do More Than Ruin Your Smile

May 21, 2016

Crooked teeth can make you embarrassed to smile. This embarrassment can make you feel less social when out with friends, this embarrassment can kill your confidence at work, and this embarrassment can make it...


Leave Ineffective Teeth Whitening Products Behind the Counter

May 19, 2016

Countless Canadians want a whiter smile. Many of them will even try various over-the-counter whitening products to try and achieve that goal. But many of them will be disappointed in the results and feel...


Which is Right for You: Adult Braces or Invisalign? [Quiz]

May 18, 2016

Are you considering orthodontic treatment as an adult? Orthodontic treatment can close embarrassing gaps between your teeth, straighten crooked teeth, and correct issues with your bite. But do you need to settle for traditional...

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