Are Dental Implants the Right Solution for Your Smile?

July 11, 2016

What’s the worst part about living with missing teeth? It could be the embarrassment that occurs whenever you smile. It could be the fact that it’s now far more difficult for you to chew your favorite foods. So what can you do?

Depending on your specific needs, there are a variety of dental implant procedures that can restore your smile. Whether you’re missing a single tooth, several teeth, or even all of your teeth, we can help! Avant Dental Care is proud to offer a wide range of dental implant restorations at four locations in the Winnipeg-area.

Dental implant crowns are great for a single missing tooth, a dental implant bridge can replace several missing teeth in a row, or we can replace all of your teeth with an amazing full mouth restoration. We can also secure your dentures in place with dental implants so you can throw aways your dentures adhesive.

All dental implants work based upon the same basic principle. A biocompatible titanium screw is surgically placed into your jawbone to take the place of a missing tooth. This screw is double-threaded so it integrates into jawbone and can secure a dental restoration or even a pair of dentures. Dental implants help prevent the deterioration of jawbone because they replace your missing tooth root and your missing tooth. But which type of dental implant is right for you?

Fill the Gap in Your Smile with a Dental Implant Crown

For many decades, dentists relied on dental bridges to fill the gap in your smile left by a missing tooth. To place a dental bridge, we place dental crowns on either side of your missing tooth. These crowns are then used to support an artificial tooth in place of your missing tooth.

While dental bridges are still an excellent option for many patients, we frequently recommend dental implant crowns as the preferred method of restoration. Unlike a dental bridge, a dental implant crown fills your missing tooth socket to prevent its deterioration and prevent your remaining teeth from shifting out of alignment. This helps lower your risk for losing additional teeth.

Trade Your Partial Denture for an Implant-Supported Bridge

Dental implants can also be used to secure a dental bridge consisting of a row of incredibly lifelike artificial teeth. That makes them an excellent option if you’re sick of struggling with a partial denture. We place one or more dental implants and then top them with your dental bridge. Unlike partial dentures, your implant-supported bridge is permanently fixed in place. That means you never have to worry about it slipping out of place or falling out of your mouth while you’re eating it!

Restore Your Whole Smile with a Full-Mouth Restoration

If you’re missing most or all of your teeth, we can use dental implants to restore every tooth in your smile. We don’t have to place a dental implant for every missing tooth. Instead we can place either four or six dental implants and use them to support a series of permanently fixed bridges. This stable restoration can restore almost all of your natural chewing power so you can eat all of your favorite foods once more. Plus your full-mouth restoration will look so lifelike that no one will know it’s not your natural smile!

Choose Dental Implants and Throw Away Your Dentures Adhesive

Dental implants can also be used to secure your dentures without the need for any foul-tasting dentures adhesives or creams. We place a series of dental implants and top them with special hardware that connects to your dentures. This hardware can consist of a ball-and-socket system or a bar and clasp. We can even modify your existing dentures to be compatible with dental implants! That means you never again have to worry about your dentures falling out of your mouth — instead you can eliminate this potential embarrassment completely!

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